We've heard Respect from Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner has sang to us about Proud Mary, and Beyonce has even instructed us to get in formation.  Having said that . . . . . it's time to BOSS UP!  Speak loud, stand strong, and go after any, and everything that you want out of life.

For the past few months, I've been working tirelessly on my brands: Elle Johnson Co. and Queen City Magazine, on top of planning the Carolina Curly Natural Expo.  Recently I kinda hit a slump where I hadn't been as diligent in posting content; be it social media, or blog content.  It honestly wasn't that I wasn't inspired, I've just been consumed with the tasks at hand.  I've been creating and managing check lists to ensure I've dotted all of my 'I's' and crossed all of my 'T's' in what I thought were key areas, so much so that I was neglecting other areas of my business.

On Sunday, as I was sitting making excuses for why I wasn't doing the things I should have been, I had to accept responsibility and develop a new mantra as I move forward in this entrepreneurial walk . . . . . . BOSS UP, OR GET BOSSED AROUND.

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