It's a date!

Valentine's Day is fastly approaching, and for many of us single's it's just another day to remind us that we're NOT in a relationship.  But this year, let's do something different, let's not be content in the fact that we don't have a date, but let's go on a date.  Matter of fact, let's go on several dates!

Who's down for speed dating?  On Saturday, February 11th, yours truly, will host a speed dating round at Club One, sponsored by Mug Mane.  There will be sexy singles, hot couples (we've got something in store for you too), vendors, drinks, and more!  I may have to step away from my hosting duties and get in on the speed dating action too, lol.

Please take a moment to register and confirm your attendance.  Additional details will be shared thereafter.  I hope to see you there!  

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