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Welcome to 2017!  We made it through the ups and downs of 2016, and we're motivated and determined to make this new year a phenomenal success.  Instead of kicking off the year with a style post (which I'm still going to do, but later in the week), I thought I'd start the year by gifting you with what I call my Style Standards

I'm often asked for style advice via social media, email, etc, so I've decided to put together some great tips that will give you a base and foundation for great style! Whether you have an endless budget, or if you're looking to re-purpose and achieve different looks with the pieces you currently have in your closet, achieving your maximum style potential is within your reach.

Included within my Style Standards download you will find the following:
  • 10 Steps to Maximizing Your Wardrobe
  • Discovering Your Body Type (proportion breakdown and recommendations)
  • Incorporating Accessories to Upgrade Your Look

[FREE download is below]

My personal wish for each of you doing this new year is for peace and prosperity in all that you look to accomplish, AND for you to look stylish while doing it.  Stay connected by bookmarking this site, following on social media (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter), and if possible attending localized events (schedule posted HERE).

Without any further ado, here's the downloadable PDF of my Style Standards, your foundation to a great wardrobe.  I encourage you to put these tips into action and share your results!  Happy New Year.

Style Standards: FREE PDF Download

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