Beauty Defined

In a world that's consumed with artificial lips, hips, and facades, I find myself asking others "How do you define beauty?".  As to be expected, I've received an array of answers ranging from personality, characters, defined facial features, physical attributes, to even notions about hair.  For me personally, beauty has been representative of style, class, and grace.  Just a few of the elements that I feel we're missing in today's society.

These beauties, Diana Ross and The Supremes personified and epitomized beauty.  They were poised, talented, iconic, and stylish (with their clothes on!).  These are all of the things that I aspire to.  I love the glitz and glamour associated with these women, and the impression that they've made on many others like myself.  In a world that's over-saturated with sexual imagery and artificial nuisances, I revel in the classic styles and grace exhibited by many of the women of the 1950's and 1960's.

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