Remodel Project: Inspiration

This weekend, on a whim, I decided to redecorate my bedroom, and that decision turned into me redecorating my daughter's room, and that decision pushed me into revamping my living room and dining room as well.  So here I am, at work, browsing Pinterest, social media, and the "interweb" for inspiration.

I've decided on themes for each of the rooms (inspiration pics below) based on some of my favorite things.  One of my favorite colors is the color mint, so I knew that would be a large portion of one of the rooms.  Another favorite of mine is very clean and airy spaces, meaning alot of white.  And lastly, mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors.

I've already begun shopping for a few items (see the grid below) and anticipate it will take me approximately 6-8 weeks to complete the project.  Stay tuned, this should be fun!  

Living Room: Cool Breeze (theme)

Bedroom: Copper Penny Theme

Dining Room: The Looking Glass Theme

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