Life at 36!

Last Friday, I was blessed to see another birthday . . . . my 36th to be exact!  I'm a true 80's baby, born in the year 1980; the definition of a Libra.  If you read any article on the Libra woman, it pretty much describes me to a T.

This year for my birthday, I decided on something intimate and laid back, a nice dinner with just a few friends, full of laughs, just the way I like it.  If I've learned nothing else in my 36 years, I've learned to shy away from the massive crowds and to enjoy the basics of conversation and a good laugh.

For my look, I'd been saving this ivory deep v-cut dress for a couple months and never had an occasion fitting to wear it, so I decided to debut it for my special day!  The shoes, a pale pink pump with accented embellishments was the perfect compliment to my flirty look (plus they matched my phone case).  I'm not a fan of open toed pumps or sandals, plus it was a little chilly, so these worked perfectly.

I wrapped my birthday weekend by shopping for a dress for my upcoming Holiday Dazzle: Black & White Party.  Tickets available HERE.  I fell in love with the look below, what do you guys think?

forgive the photo quality - these are a few photos I snapped while out



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    1. Thanks lady, I loved this dress. A little different for me, but I loved it just the same.