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Last Thursday, September 22nd marked the first day of fall and the digital debut and cover release for Queen City Magazine, my new publication. While I was extremely excited to bring this publication to life within the Charlotte community, the events at hand, have weighed heavy on my heart. 

With all that has been happening within my city, I didn't have it in me on last week to discuss fall trends, hair styles, skin care, new recipes, etc.  In the essence of business, and in keeping with a subjective conscious, I decided to stagger content over the course of several days, as the city I love regroups and attempts to move forward.  

So here we are, in week 2 of the turmoil that my city is going through, but I don't want to dim the light on my accomplishment and something that I've worked so hard to produce.  Having said all of that, I'm still elated and excited to present to you guys my new baby . . . . . Queen City Magazine.  A digital media magazine that highlights and celebrates women throughout this beautiful city we call home.

Below you'll find my first Publisher's Note:
Welcome to Queen City Magazine (QCM) the digital destination for all things Charlotte, from a woman's perspective.  As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, I'm elated to bring this publication to life as we continually evolve and pursue our collective passion of highlighting and celebrating women throughout this beautiful city we call home.  As a Charlotte native, I've seen this city experience growth in leaps and bounds, national media attention (mostly good, but some bad), economic growth and sustainability, and a small business population like none other.  I've also seen, and been a part of, the many publications that have come and gone, each with it's own specialty market.  
Before I dive into Queen City Magazine and what we're all about, here's just a tidbit about myself.  My full name is LaVonndra Johnson, but many industry friends call me Elle, it's easier to remember.  As mentioned prior, I'm a Charlotte native, a divorcee, and the mother of an incredible 12 year old daughter.  My career span includes the corporate world of banking and finance, and my entrepreneurial side has always been within the fashion industry.  Fortunate for me, I have prior experience as a magazine editor with a specialty in media and branding, which makes this venture somewhat of a smooth process (yeah right, lol).
This year, I've hosted several events under my personal brand, Elle VJ, all of which were spectacular, and I've had the opportunity to cross paths with some of the most amazing and talented women and entrepreneurs, but felt there was no centralized medium whereby we could be showcased.  Our city previously had a select few women's publications, and with the influx of technology, printing costs, and the overall demand for right now publishing (i.e social media), it seems as if many of those publications have dissolved away.  That's where Queen City Magazine looks to step in!  QCM is 100% digital, unfortunately there is no print edition, simply grab your phone and GO!  Let's face it, we live in a society where we roll over in the morning and check our notifications, versus reading a daily paper or checking our local news, that's just the reality of it.  
Within the cyber pages of this site, women will find articles, tips, suggestions, advice, etc. pertaining to all things Charlotte to include: beauty, career, dining, health, finances, education, love, relationships, shopping and style, leisure, lifestyle, travel, and the list goes on.  Having said all of that, I welcome you to Queen City Magazine (QCM).  It is my hope that you will bookmark the site and visit us often for all things Charlotte, from a woman's perspective.
Yours Truly,

Elle Johnson

photos: Glen Graham | GBurkeImages

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