Loving Lilac

It's Labor Day weekend . . . . whoo-hoo!  Before we all get consumed with the festivities of the holiday, which means a 3 day weekend, I wanted to share with you guys the look I put together from my recent visit to Gabe's (read the post HERE).  I have to state that I absolutely LOVE the prices at Gabe's, and the quality of selection as well.  In the last few weeks, I've scored some incredible deals, both for me, and my daughter!

During my shopping trip on last weekend, I originally visited the store to check out their Designer Sunglasses Event, and after trying on several looks, ranging from casual to flirty dresses for a night out on the town, I was headed towards the checkout line and my eye caught this beautiful lilac dress.  Pastels are my favorite of all colors, and I'd actually been on the hunt to find something in this very color, but at an affordable price.  Of course, I made a beeline for the dress as there were only a few remaining and luckily, one of them was in my size!  I didn't even bother to try it on, I already knew that the silhouette would work great for me, so I decided to take a chance and not revisit the dressing room.

While standing in line I began going through my closet (in my mind) to determine which shoes I had that would compliment this look, and then I looked down.  In an "Ah haa" moment, I realized that the shoes in my cart would work perfect.  I originally did not intend on purchasing any shoes, I was moreso focused on the clothing, but my daughter wanted to check out the sandal selection while at Gabe's, and in following her, I crossed paths with these nude sling back pumps!  They're a great fit, a popular color, and can be paired with virtually anything!

Final cost for this look when I got to the counter . . . . . just under $50 for the dress AND shoes!  How amazing is that?  Have any of you shopped with Gabe's yet?  I'd love to hear and see your fashion finds!

I've also paired with this look, a nude patent purse, lilac stud earrings, and a lilac lap cloth.

photos: Zee Photography

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