Turbans on Trend

Hallelujah, it's Thursday, which means we have only one more day to go until the weekend, HOORAY!  As I begin to plan my weekend activities, there's always one looming nuisance in the back of my mind, my hair, what to do to it!

Because I'm always looking for ways to further develop and evolve my personal style, over the last few months, I've begun toying with head wear; be it hats, scarves, and finally turbans!  I've always been fascinated with the Islam culture and the beautiful garments and head coverings worn by the women, but of course did not want to infringe upon or disrespect their culture.  After careful research and review, I've decided to craft a few of these embellished beauties and make them available for purchase.

When designing the concept for these embellished turbans, I was immediately drawn to it's corresponding accessory, the shoe.  For me, style is often about balance, in particular as it relates to accessories.  I was raised very southern and ol' school to the concept that a ladies purse and shoes should match or compliment each other.  Having that thought process, I'm implementing the same concept with the embellished turbans, it should be a compliment to your other accessories; shoes, jewelry, purse, etc.  The photo above represents the very essence of how I envision embellished turbans to be styled.

Have any of you worn head wear before?  Would you considered a blinged out turban, if so, how would you style it?

photo: SJP Instagram

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