ABC's of Me

We're halfway through the year and like many of you I'm evaluating my laundry list of to-do's and goals.    Having said that, I quite often receive inquiries of a personal nature; random questions of my personal favs, things that I like and dislike, so I've decided to compile the ABC's of me! 

A – Audrey’s daughter (the oldest, I have a younger sister)
B – Balance, I'm a true Libra, so I thrive when the elements are in balance.
C – Christian
D – Divorced (currently single with NO dates - that's sad)
E – Entrepreneur (speaks for itself)
F – Fragrance, I think a lady should always smell beautiful.
G – Glam!
H – Hilarious and Heifer (my favorite words)
I – Independent
J – Johnson is my married name (my maiden name is Spears)
K – Kamesha (my first name, only people from corporate America know that)
L – Libra (I’m everything you’ll read about a Libra woman)
M – [Count of] Monte Cristo (my favorite movie)
N – nephew named Zachary (no other nieces or nephews)
O – Obama [Michelle] + Oprah (that says it all - strong powerful women)
P – Pastels (my favorite colors)
Q – Quiet, I'm naturally quiet, most people wouldn't believe that
R – Romantic, a hopeless romantic
S – Southern + Stylish
T – Tank (my favorite singer)
U – United Kingdom (place I most want to visit . . . London)
V – capital V as in Victory, my dad's favorite saying when he spells my name (or his, or my sister's; LeVerne or LaVelle)
W – Waffle House (my favorite restaurant)
X – don’t miss none of ‘em (lol – yes, I’m petty)
Y – Your and You’re (there’s a difference and I know it)
Z – Z’khiyah’s mom; the most important part of me! 

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