Wedding Wow

This Saturday I had the pleasure and honor to attend the nuptials of one of my true supporters, Sharell Johnson to David Daley at the River Hills Country Club in Lake Wylie, SC.  The wedding was really nice and the bride dazzled in her dress (the groom also looked handsome).  I wish them all the best and pray that God blesses their union.

For my look, I finally pulled out this custom fit that I've been saving forever.  I honestly did not think I'd get to wear it anytime soon, and since this is my only wedding of the season, I took full advantage!  The color pops and the fit is vintage inspired.  Oh, and check out the Kate Spade Lula d'Orsay pump, YASSS!  Nevertheless, here are a few snaps of the look.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to have it professionally photographed, so please excuse the quality, but I just had to share with you guys! 

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