Class, Will, and Determination

If ever my legs should fail me, just allow me to post up like this!  This photo of this well dressed senior gives me such joy and inspiration.  She reminds me so much of my grandmother on my father's side that passed in 1999.
This sharp dresser is putting most women to shame with this couture look while being restricted to a wheelchair.  She is the epitome of class, will, and determination.  Every detail of this look has been considered: the mink accented hat and gloves, her classy brooch that ties to the earrings, the black Chanel purse which ties to the shoes, and this stunning red dress that is so Jackie O!  Bravo on all levels ma'am.

While I do not know her personally, nor do I know her name, to me, she's my Bernice.  Bernice Spears was my grandmother's name and she was so much similar to what I see in this woman.  A sharp dresser, even when confined to her wheelchair and walker.  Many people ask me why I dress the way that I do, or what inspires me, and a lot of it can be attributed to my grandmother.  I always remember her in a dress (never did I see her in jeans).  I remember her wigs sitting perfectly on mannequin heads on her dresser, a chest full of costume jewelry, an attic of furs, and her signature smelling perfumes.  I would sit and watch her slowly walk to the restroom with her bra, panties, and slip draped over her walker as she prepared for church.  That is what beauty is to me.  A well prepared and poised woman that doesn't let anything bring her down.  That's my Bernice! (pictured in the middle with the blue dress - the other ladies to the left and right are her sisters)

I've never written anything about my grandmother until now, and while I do not have many photos of her, I do have many memories.

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