Wedding Wow

This Saturday I had the pleasure and honor to attend the nuptials of one of my true supporters, Sharell Johnson to David Daley at the River Hills Country Club in Lake Wylie, SC.  The wedding was really nice and the bride dazzled in her dress (the groom also looked handsome).  I wish them all the best and pray that God blesses their union.

Royal Tea Party + Spring Brunch

all attendees received beautiful folding fans as a thank you gift
"The liberal feminist movement never imagined that women would take seriously the encouragement to become our own heroes and claim life for ourselves, on our terms, no matter who we are. Pro-choice and pro-life, Christian and not, poor and rich, black, white, gay and straight. It is a dream we all hold dear, and it's called the Tea Party."  - Tammy Bruce  

How to D.R.E.S.S

Happy Pentecost Sunday!  In today's blog post, I decided to dedicate this opportunity to explain (and answer the question that I get asked the most) about why I like to D.R.E.S.S.  For the last year or two, I've traveled and had the opportunity to speak with young girls and women, and during each engagement, I make it a point to explain, 'How to D.R.E.S.S'.

Color Conundrum: June Ambrose

If there were ever a fashion fairy godmother, I have no doubt it would be the enchanting June Ambrose.  From her over-sized eyewear, to her chic turbans and powerful stilettos, this maven always hits the mark!

What to Wear to a Spring Brunch

OMG ladies, I'm so excited about the upcoming 3rd annual Royal Tea Party / Spring Brunch hosted by yours truly at the Ballantyne Resort on Sunday, May 22nd.  It's going to be such a grand time with you beautiful ladies, I can't wait!

Fruity Fashion

I recently spotted these fruity clutch purses on the IG of No. 14 Boutique and immediately feel in love with them.  Not only are they dainty and stylish, they are fresh and punchy with color.

Class, Will, and Determination

If ever my legs should fail me, just allow me to post up like this!  This photo of this well dressed senior gives me such joy and inspiration.  She reminds me so much of my grandmother on my father's side that passed in 1999.

Claire Danes: Elle of the Ball

On last evening, celebrities, socialites, and stars alike gathered for the annual Met Gala 2016.  While many looked "nice" (at best), there wasn't a dress in the room that could compete with this regal beauty worn by Claire Danes, and designed by Zac Posen.