God does all things well

Happy Monday folks, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I'm feeling mighty fine (I just love the way that sounds, lol).  To bring you guys up to date with things, the last week has been extremely difficult for me and my daughter as there were some perceived issues with her health, in addition to the sickle cell disease.
Long story short, she began exhibiting symptoms of various diseases and both the doctor and myself were convinced that she had SOMETHING.  Not exactly sure what it was, but the doctors narrowed it down to Lupus and a couple other scary diseases.  Fast forward to my myself, parents, church and friends praying on behalf of my baby (she's 12, but I call her my baby) and first thing Monday morning, the doctors office called.

To God be the glory, every test came back negative.  Not 1, not 2, but EVERY test came back negative and for that I smile and rejoice.

Have a wonderful week!

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