Spring Treats at Kate Spade

Spring is fastly approaching and that means brunches, soirees, and cocktail parties.  Having said that, it's only fitting that I purchase a few signature pieces, that just so happen to be KATE SPADE (as if you expected anything else)!  Let me start from the beginning (kinda - sorta) . . . . . 

1st Day of Spring

Today marks the 1st day of spring and you would think I'd be wearing some fanciful floral arrangement, but . . . . . baby it's cold outside!  Cold as in I had to turn the heat on to "knock the chill off" as the old folks would say.  Nevertheless I'm happy to be here and was happy to return to church on today after missing the last few weeks due to work and traveling.

Upcoming Events

SPRING/SUMMER EVENT LINEUP (PLEASE READ): For those of you that have inquired of my events and what's next, please see the events listed below for spring and summer.