Cocktails in the City: TOURNAMENT EDITION

Join me for the Cocktails in the City - TOURNAMENT EDITION in uptown Charlotte on Thursday, February 25th during CIAA! This will be an amplified version of this trending social featuring amazing vendors, music, and cocktails.


So here were are on this 1st day of February and things have been moving so fast for me that I hadn't gotten a chance to post to the blog in about a week.  While preparing and promoting my new social series, Cocktails in the City, I began receiving so many inquiries of hosting a CIAA edition.  I honestly did not think it possible and said no many times, but here I am, telling you guys that it IS happening.  

Crazy how at my very first Cocktails in the City social one of the attendees asked if I was doing a CIAA edition and I said NO. Then others began asking and I said NO. And just last week a venue actually called me and asked if I wanted to do something, and again I said NO. Well . . . . after 2 years of not hosting anything of my own, I'm back at it. I have some awesome ladies in my corner that push me to my highest potential, and I'm thankful for them. 

This will probably be my quickest turnaround time for producing an event during CIAA, but hey, I'm superwoman right, lol.  Nevertheless, I have about 4 weeks to promote and produce a spectacular event for you ladies that will be in town during the annual CIAA tournament.  I have so many ideas of grandeur (hopefully my budget will allow for me to pull them off, lol).  It is my hope that each of you will support and attend something different during tournament week, other than just partying.  We have some awesome vendors already lined up with more being added thru the event date.

Here's a glimpse of the venue!  

I hope to see you there!

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