Girls With Pearls

The word pearl is defined as a precious thing; the finest example of something, and that couldn't be any more true on a day like today.  For today is the birthday of our First Lady of the United States, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, wife to our 44th President Barack Obama.  Let me start by saying that I absolutely adore our First Lady (and her impeccable style) and secondly how did I not know that her middle name is LaVaughn, so similar to my middle name LaVonndra, OMG!

Nevertheless to commemorate her birth date, for the past 8 years, I, along with a million plus other women have received a Facebook invite titled Girls With Pearls.  Each year on the birthday of our First Lady, women all across the globe wear pearls to celebrate her.  This year was no different, until I received an inbox from a local newspaper writer, The County News, in regards to a special feature in the paper this year with an offer to include my image along with a few others.  Ironically I didn't have many recent images of myself rocking pearls but I did have these photos from a promo shoot a while back.  I remember this shoot like it was yesterday.  At first I didn't plan to wear anything around my neck, and at the last minute I found these over-sized pearls in an accessories box that we kept around the studio.

Fast forward, and I'm so glad that I kept the images, and was able to be a part of this great feature.  I try to model certain aspects of my life behind our First Lady, one of which is being a woman of great character and strength.  I also look to her for her delicate balance of career and family life which can sometimes be overwhelming, but she does it with such grace and poise that it appears all so effortless.  I could literally go on and on about this iconic beauty, but for now I'll just say, Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama!


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