Farewell 2015

photo: @GBurkeImages

Can you believe that we're in the last week of 2015?  This year has certainly flown by and many of us have seen our far share of ups and downs, but we made it!  Looking back over the year, I'm proud that I focused more on my business than I did in 2014, and I've grown and matured even more (says the grey hairs that I continue to find when combing my hair -lol).

When I began reflecting over the year 2015 I began thinking of some of my favorite looks and thought I'd share a few of those with you guys.  Although I didn't blog as much as I would have liked to, or as much as I should have, I'm happy with the overall direction of where things are and I'm also hopeful of where things are going.  You guys have been so engaging and encouraging on so many levels, you'll never know my gratitude.

Here's a quick recap of 2015

- I announced my new venture, Dainty Dames Lingerie, as my very first blog post of 2015 (HERE) and it's literally taken me all year to get the branding and inventory together, and I can confidently promote the line and exhibit in local shows and expos as of 2016!

- Having making that announcement at the start of the year, I also proclaimed that doors would open for me (HERE) and my business.  Although it was a little late by my calculations . . . . they did, lol.  I guess the saying is true, our timing is not God's timing.  I love this photo because of the endless possibilities beyond the door.  Not to mention my waist to hip ratio is on "fleek" in this pic and I'm wearing some of my favorite colors and favorite purse by Kate Spade!

- On a professional note, one of the things I take pride in for 2015 was being featured on Fashion Bomb Daily and the Black Southern Belle blogs (HERE and HERE).  I adore both of these style mediums for varying reasons.  FBD provides up to the minute coverage of your favorite celebs and their style, while BSB focuses exclusively on the Black Southern Belle of today.

photo: @GBurkeImages

- During the course of 2015 I also had the wonderful task of speaking to both young girls and women on the importance of looking and dressing your best, self esteem, beauty in business, and confidence (HERE).  These speaking engagements were both therapeutic and refreshing for me, as it's a great passion of mine.  Another aspect of speaking that I love is that I always take my daughter with me (she's 11) so that she can see me representing a positive image and interacting with women and girls of varying backgrounds.

photo: @GBurkeImages

- And another great milestone on this year . . . . . my 35th birthday!  It was a great celebratory weekend at the Ballantyne Resort with a few close friends and relatives (HERE).

And to end with a bang, here are just a few of my favorite style moments of 2015!



  1. Congratulations on a succesful year! The best is yet to come in 2016!

    Happy New Year,
    Allison | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

    1. Thanks Allison, wishing you the same as well. Safe travels as you continue to move and grow! Happy New Year!!!