XOXO: Charlotte Olympia

It's officially holiday season!  This week kicks off great eating, festive events, and stylish combinations for my fellow fashion lovers.  Over the weekend, my daughter attended a friends birthday party and while waiting, I decided to venture over to a new store I took notice of.  At the onset it looked like a typical discount store like that of a Ross (if you're in the Carolina's) but upon further browsing, they actually had a few great finds, in particular, a pair of platform heels very similar to the Charlotte Olympia Masako!

Now it took some scouring to find, but they were so worth it!  If you're familiar with the blog and my personal style, you know that I love a pointed toe heel . . . . . but, I bought these!  I was instantly attracted to the color block patterns of pink and red AND the platform design.  Did I mention that they were on the clearance rack for $7.99 . . . . . yes, $7.99!  Christmas came just a little early for me, lol. 


Considering the price, I was really surprised that they had my size (a 10 - yes, I have big feet) but they did, and they had several pairs.  Being the shopper that I am, I carefully inspected each shoe in my size to ensure I was getting the best in quality that they had to offer.  Not a bad deal for less than $10. Oh, before I forget, I'm sure you're wondering what store I sourced these from, the store is called Gabe's and they're located in the University area of Charlotte, NC.  They had a few other items that I plan to go back for, but this purchase was a great find.

What to Wear
Now that purchased these beauties, I'm sure you're wondering what I plan to wear with them.  I honestly don't know just yet, but I have a few ideas.  

  • One idea to pair them with a pretty pink sweater, red skirt, and pastel and sparkly accessories (click photos for pricing and retailers of individual items)

  • Another idea I'm considering is full of glam and fur; quite possibly for an upscale dinner party  (click photos for pricing and retailers of individual items)

  • I'm also toying with the idea of dressing it down with a crop top, fitting pant, and duster coat  (click photos for pricing and retailers of individual items)

Needless to say, there are endless possibilities and looks that I can come up with for these haute shoes!  Stay tuned as I revisit these beauties in a style post to come.

Happy Holiday! 



    1. You should have seen me grabbing these shoes so fast when I discovered they were only $8, lol. I get a thrill out of finding great deals.

  2. That is a great deal. I'm also a size 10 shoe and know how fast they go. You lucked out.

  3. $8? Wow, now that's a steal! I love it when I find a good bargain.