Shopping with Elle: Friday Finds

Happy Friday everyone!  We made it through Thanksgiving and found our way to Black Friday.  I hope everyone ate well and enjoyed time with their family and friends during this season of thanks.  As for myself, I enjoyed a day well spent with my dad, daughter, and a few other relatives.  This year we scheduled dinner early (3pm to be exact) to ensure my dad could be out and about at the Black Friday sales beginning at 6pm.  There once was a time when I'd be gung-ho to be out as well, but in watching the sales and over crowded malls these past couple of years, it really hasn't been worth it. But this year, I ventured out and found a few (hint-hint, FEW, lol) great pieces that I'd been vying for!
Of the few pieces that I purchased, these are my favorites!

Let's start with with some of the key pieces:

- because every lady needs a patent bag, I purchased a bag very similar to this in both the colors nude and black (I also bought the mint faux fur jacket pictured)

- for the shock effect of it, I also picked up a couple neon colored sweaters (I decided on neon green, neon pink, and orange) - I can't wait to pair them with some off the wall color or even a print fabric

- to join in the holiday spirit, I reluctantly picked up this plaid skirt . .  . okay, maybe not so much reluctance, but I did buy it, lol

- and then there was fur . . . . full disclaimer: I have gone fur crazed (4 jackets - 1 purse - 4 fur scarfs)

- now let's talk about this skirt - it's a beautiful shade of silver (possibly even mistaken for pewter depending on the lighting) AND it's a full midi skirt! I could not resist . . . . . this will probably be the 1st piece that I wear from my recent purchases.  I already know which shoes I want to pair with it.


What did you buy, if anything?  Do you get any amazing deals?

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