Dainty Dames Lingerie: Inspiration

I've been planning (privately) and dreaming (quietly) for months now of my vision, both present and future, for Dainty Dames Lingerie.  Before launching earlier this year, I researched for months in hopes of locating the perfect vendor to provide a sophisticated, yet sexy product.  Now that I'm mid-year into the launch, I'm fixated on locating the perfect space to fully embrace the next level of my vision.

I'm an avid believer in speaking things into existence, believing in yourself and fully trusting God to make it happen so this is my blog post dedicated to doing just that!  Pictured below are some inspirational images that I've come to love and have religiously saved to ALL of my devices; iPhone, Android phone, tablet, desktop, and laptop.  You can never be too safe huh, lol.

The vision for Dainty Dames Lingerie is simple . . . . . it has to be dainty.  Stylish chairs and unique furniture pieces with a Parisian flair in pretty pinks, gold, and ivory.  The atmosphere will be classically stylish and feminine, but with a fierce sex appeal.

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