10 Steps to Maximizing Your Wardrobe: Steps 7 & 8

And we're back!  We're now in week  4 of my 5 part series, 10 Steps to Maximizing Your Wardrobe.  I'm ecstatic that you guys are still reading and following along and I really hope that these 10 steps will assist you in your wardrobe choices.  

This week we're discussing two simple yet super chic styling methods that even your favorite celebrities resort to.  Now if you're new to this series, I'd suggest that you start at the beginning and check out the below listed posts to catch up:

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Now that that's out of the way, let's dive into this week's tips.

Step 7: Monochromatic Styling

Have you ever took notice that so many within the fashion industry wear all black?  Surely you didn't think that many people love the color black.  Well they don't, but wearing all black is a look that is chic, professional, and can be pulled off by anyone, even you!  This is what we call a monochromatic look.  By simply coordinating your look to show one consistent theme, being color, you instantly transform your look.  Check out some of your favorite fashionistas doing this very thing!

Now how simple is that?  I'm sure you're already going through your mental Rolodex and thinking of what monochromatic looks you can come up using your existing wardrobe.

Step 8: Avoid Matchy Matchy Looks

This is a stickler for me personally.  If you know me and keep up with the blog, you'll notice that I rarely, if ever, were what I call "matchy-matchy" looks.  Meaning, if I purchase a print blazer, I will NOT wear it with the printed pant/skirt at the same time.  Often times the look may come across as a bit overpowering and flat out overkill.  My preference is to wear the pieces separate and get 2 looks out of what was intended to be 1 outfit.  It's chic and it's economical.

My suggestion here would be to wear the printed blazer with a solid pant.  You could then follow up with a second look where you'd wear a solid blouse with the printed pant.

There you have it, two more steps to maximizing your wardrobe.  Stick around next week for the final two steps!

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