Shopping with Elle: The Look For Less

My intentions were to enjoy the weekend school shopping for my daughter, Z'khiyah, a rising 6th grader and first year middle schooler.  And I did just that, but . . . . . . did you think I wouldn't get myself anything, lol.  Since most of the budget was allotted for my pumpkin (that's what I call her), I knew my items had to be very budget savvy and priced at next to nothing, as in $100 for everything!

Well, I'm proud to say that not only did I stay within budget, but I cut it in half!  That's right ladies (and gentlemen) you read correctly, I only spent $47 for the 3 looks listed below.  Enjoy!

- Pink Halter Scuba Dress: CC's @ Charlotte Premium Outlets 

purchased for 50% off the regular price of $49.99, only spent $25

unfortunately I picked up the last of this style in the store, but here are some dresses you'll find that are similar in style and/or shape

- Multi Colored Jumpsuit: Belk @ Carolina Mall

purchased for up to 75% off regular price of $65, only spent $15.99

jumper available HERE, similar items below

- Yellow Aztec Sundress: Belk @ Carolina Mall

purchased for up to 75% off regular price of $42, only spent $7.49

this item unfortunately is not available on the website, however it is available in store (juniors department) and like styles are found below

Remember these key points when shopping: Always, always, always wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.  You'll be changing multiple times and the easier it is to get out of your clothing (and put it back on) the more apt you'll be to enjoy the experience and try on more.  Secondly, my rule of thumb is to wear (or carry with you) a pair of heels so that you can see the potential of the look when trying options.  Lastly, and as a former boutique owner, the store's will LOVE you for this, wear little to no makeup (I wear only a light gloss or lip balm when shopping).  Let's not stain or dirty the garments before we get them home, or even for the person after you should it not make the final cut. 


  1. That pink dress is everything and you are working it to the max! What great sales prices. And good shopping tips! Thanks!

  2. Loving these 3 looks! I'm in love with the jumper.

  3. I really like that sundress. So pretty! And that tip about the no make-up? As a long-time-in-the-past dress salesperson at a boutique, I thank you on behalf of everyone who is still working selling clothes. Make-up stains are the worst. And the only thing worse is someone *else's* make-up stains on the clothes you want to buy!