Plan Ahead

Happy Sunday!

It's that time again, time to gear up for another work week, another week of style, another week of the balancing act.  For the last few weeks, I've been working diligently on creating a stronger brand with more consistent and relevant content.  Having said that, I had to develop a solid plan for getting my brand to the next level to include:

- revamping the website (blog post HERE)
- utilizing a blog planner
- curating consistent social media content
- stronger visual images
- and of course shopping, shopping, and more shopping

A few of my must haves on a day-to-day basis are my Kate Spade wallet, pocket sized notebook for idea jotting, and a luxe pair of frames.  These are my essential items and you'll never see me without them!  Check out the links below:


  1. I definitely need to do more planning for the same reasons you've stated! The Kate Spade planners are so cute! Thanks for sharing!
    -Natasha |

  2. I use to do a weekly blog post with my goals. It did help me to stay on track. I also started writing my blog posts (and most of my social media updates) on Sunday nights. It works better for me during football season because my husband is not home on Sunday nights. However, I do need to find a better system for summer months. I love journals but tend to grab mine from office supply store clearance racks. Good luck. The layout is so darn pretty.