Classically Me

It's still surprising to me that I get asked so many times; why do I dress up, where am I going when I'm dressed up, what's the point in me dressing up, etc.  Well I've decided to address those very questions in today's blog post once and for all, and hopefully it will shed some light on why I dress and what dressing means to me.

The simple answer to those questions would be that it's just who I am, but I understand that it needs further clarification as some still struggle with the idea that I do this simply because it's what I like.  For me dressing is a way of communicating, it's the prelude to a soundtrack of life that's full of varying experiences, emotions, and encounters.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a love affair with fashion and style and it has increasingly grown as the years progress.  I reference them separately because for me, fashion and style are two different things.  Fashion is the prevailing designer influence of our social society, whereas style refers to how you interpret and convey that designer influence personally.

In today's post, I went with a look that best describes who and what I am . . . . . CLASSIC.  This navy mikado dress by Isaac Mizrahi (click HERE) radiates beautifully.  It's a luxe fabric with a minimalist classic design.  The color is a unique blend of the perfect shade of navy with an iridescent glow that gives off a hint of purple in the right lighting.  And let's not forget the dainty element of this look, the sash.  It accentuates the waist and adds a regal flair to the look.

Other key elements to this look:



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