ANNOUNCEMENT: Vogue Influencer Network

Today started out as a typical Monday . . . . the first day of the work week, returning calls, answering emails, etc.

Speaking of emails, on last evening, I submitted an application to join the Southern Blog Society,  an exclusive community of bloggers from the southern states that explores food, fashion, health, home, DIY, and beauty.  While I've heard of this group previously, it wasn't until another blogger comrade, Louella Reese Blog, attended their annual conference and began sharing blog posts of her experience that my interest really peaked (see her post HERE).  Needless to say, I hopped online, reviewed their goals for bloggers within the group and the qualification requirements and submitted my app.  Fast forward to today with me checking emails, reviewing blog stats, scheduling blog posts for later this week, etc and what do I see . . . . . a response from the Southern Blog Society!  You're thinking YAYY! right?  Welp, not so much, the email was actually a courtesy denial stating that I did not meet the current guidelines for membership - YIKES!  Unfortunately that was all the email communicated and I'm still unclear as to which of the guidelines I did not meet.  I was most certain that I hit all of the following:

MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES | What we look for in our Members – quality photographs that are either a) original and done with a digital camera or b) quality photographs that are properly credited. Please do not send in your application if you are only posting Instagram or iPhone photos, photos taken of you by yourself (aka selfies) or solely photographs of other people’s work.  We look for a large amount of original photos from our applicants.  In addition to great photography, it’s imperative that the majority of your content easily falls into one of our categories of EAT, DIY/HOWTO, WEAR or LEARN.  We also look for bloggers who have had consistent posting (roughly 3 times per week) for several months.  We are unable to extend memberships to those who have started a blog and do not have some content history to review. Please ensure that your ABOUT page has a large (preferably over 500 pixels wide), high quality photograph of you so that we can feature you as a potential MEET. This is typically the page we head to first to get to know our applicants for review, so make sure it’s top notch!

Disappointed, but still determined, I exited the email after responding thanking them for their consideration, and began evaluating and re-evaluating my blog, and with who and where do I fit in???  Fitting in has never been a goal of mine, however within the blogger community it's great to network with and learn from other bloggers.  That has proven to be bit cliquish though, because there are various genres within the industry.  Within blogging, you have your naturalistas, mommy bloggers, DIY bloggers, plus size, street scene, style bloggers, etc.

Fast forward to the end of my workday as I recheck my emails and what do I see . . . . .

To my surprise there was an email from the folks over at Vogue, by way of their Influencer Network for bloggers!  I'm sure you're asking "What is the Vogue Influence Network?" - and the answer is, "The Vogue Influencer Network consists of an exclusive group of the most influential fashion and beauty enthusiasts hand-selected by Vogue. Vogue Influencers are the first to know and share just-launched fashion and beauty collections, industry events and exclusive product samples."  How great of a turn around is that?

While I'm still learning about the Vogue Influencer Network, I'm elated to have been chosen, and I'm sharing this post with you guys to show that just because one door closes, that doesn't mean there isn't a door around the corner that's already open and waiting for you to walk through.  In celebration of this small victory, I decided to revisit this pair of AMAZING pumps I've been debating heavily over for the last 24 hours.  Any other time, I would have purchased them on impulse, but I allocated a certain amount towards school clothes for my daughter this past weekend and I really didn't want to spend any more . . . . . but . . . . . . . I went back and purchased them on today!  If it's any comfort, they were on sale, lol. 

Until the next time . . . . . . stay encouraged, keep pushing, and be who you authentically are! 

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