SHOPPING WITH ELLE: Must have shoes!

It's been awhile since I've done a 'Shopping with Elle' post, so it's only befitting that I start with one of the staple pieces to any wardrobe . . . . . . SHOES!  Behind I've snapped pics of some of my recent shoe purchases and I'd love to hear how you'd rock them.


I'll start first with the most shocking purchase of them all . . . . . flats!  While I typically wear heels with everything, however the summer months call for more walking and outdoor events.  Although they come in blue, black, and blush (as pictured here), I opted for the blush which can easily be worn with anything.


With the spring/summer months comes florals!  Florals in varying shades and prints.  These, although not a recent purchase (but I've only wore them twice), are the perfect floral pump.  They give the distinctive floral pattern that you need, and a pop of color with the pink solid heel.  These are certainly a must have!  They can be paired with your favorite dress for lunch or tea, dressed up for dinner, and dressed down with a blazer and jeans.

I'm a firm believer that every lady needs a classic pump, typically in black.  There's absolutely no getting around it.  Before you begin splurging and adding contemporary designs, every lady must have a go-to pair of classic black and nude colored pumps.  These Audrey Brooke pumps are a satin finish with an accept bow and rhinestone detail.

There's always that pump full of glitter, sparkle, and all things GLAM!  Enter these . . . . . Badgley Mischka pumps with pearl and stoned toe accents.  They're actually an iridescent pinkish rose color (because I couldn't think of any other way to describe the shade, lol) and they are phenomenal.


Flirty and feminine . . . . these Nina open toe pumps are just the thing.  While I'm typically not a huge fan of open toe pumps, these were on sale with an additional 30% off so it was a no-brainer.  Paired with the perfect mini skirt/dress or even jeans, these are fun and big time flirty.

Bold, beautiful, shocking, stunning . . . . . . this shoe is the wild card.  A wild card shoe is one that has some form of shock appeal and effect, and these do just that.  I scored these the other Sunday while between events and I absolutely LOVE them.  I haven't worn them yet, but I'll be sure to post when I do! 

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