EVENT RECAP: Style & Spirits with Eunice and Iola Salon

This Sunday, I had the opportunity and privilege to attend the soft launch of Eunice and Iola Salon at Villa Antonio Ballantyne hosted by Detra Jones and Donna Riley, featuring salon owners Bruce Brown Jr (Master Stylist) and Kevin Long.  The event kicked off with a cocktail hour featuring a variety of hors d'oeuvres, baked pastries topped with fresh fruits, and signature cocktails.  Owners, Bruce Brown Jr and Kevin Long were on hand to meet and greet guest, as well as make initial introductions, as a host of stylish ladies (and a few gentlemen) discussed the latest trends and styles.



I didn't get to catch photos prior to self serve, but everything was delicious, as you can tell!

Guests were later ushered into a private dining space for a formal salon introduction, followed by a personalized Q & A forum with both owners to further delve into what makes for a great salon experience, as well as what makes for a not so favorable experience.  What I really loved about the presentation was the personalized attention the owners offered which Kevin refers to as "pampering, catering, [and] individualized attention".  Both owners, Bruce, Master Stylist of 20 years to include international instruction, and Kevin, expert in hospitality management and pastor of 20+ years, both shared their personal areas of expertise and the meaning behind the name Eunice and Iola Salon.  The commonality that both owners shared is their mothers connection to the art of cosmetology.  Kevin, whose mother represents the 'Eunice' of Eunice and Iola, received her licensing as a cosmetologist but had to assume the role of military wife and caregiver to Kevin and his siblings, thus never allowing her to practice in her field; while Bruce, whose mother represents the latter portion of the name 'Iola', recounted his mothers push for him to enter the field after noticing how he often admired her hair.



pictured on the right, Chanel Long, assistant to Master Stylist Bruce, booking an appointment

Eunice and Iola Salon caters to "the busy and the business woman" and operates with 4 core values in mind:

1.  Valuing integrity in business
2.  Excellence in customer service
3.  Valuing healthy hair (by way of continuing education for all staff and stylists)
4.  Commitment to community service

pictured, owners Kevin L Long and Bruce Brown Jr

pictured, myself with Kevin L Long (owner) 

As an added incentive, Bruce and Kevin offered several giveaways to include a free service within the salon and guess who had the lucky number (will one of them anyway) . . . . . . MOI!  I'm scheduling my appointment with Bruce ASAP and I'll be sure to share another post documenting my experience and final result!

To learn more about Eunice and Iola Salon please refer to the below links:

email:  bruce.euniceandiola@gmail.com
website:  www.euniceandiola.com
bookings:  Style Seat (click HERE)
location:  12335 North Community House Rd, Salon 22, Charlotte NC 28277
phone:  704-957-4736 / 704-659-1146

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