VISION . . . . different than a dream

photo: Alternative Canvas Photography

What is vision . . . . the dictionary defines it as the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come true.  I define it as a glimpse into my destiny, the needed jolt of energy to press towards a goal not easily attainable, a goal that requires faith, diligence, prayer, and hard work.

I began this year proclaiming Dainty Dames Lingerie, my new baby and long term venture into another realm of entrepreneurship.  Although I'm no newbie to the retail industry, this is completely different than anything I've done.  My vision is unique (and continually evolving) and my stakes are high . . . . in the words of the late Michael Jackson, this is it!  

The proclamation that "this is it" was solidified and confirmed in a recent conversation with my father (who rarely gives me business advice) and in discussing my ideas for Dainty Dames, he immediately said to me, "you need to be in the mall".  Not that I haven't considered a mall location in my prior retail store endeavors, I just know the associated costs, staffing and inventory requirements, etc.  With that said, I've been preaching to myself for the last few months that my prior goals were too small and that I should think bigger and this situation is no different.  Here's the real skinny on what I envision for Dainty Dames (today and beyond):
  • a beautiful outfitted space full of mirrors and plush furniture
  • a dedicated and growing customer base
  • a stylish and loyal staff
  • multiple locations
  • beauty bar located within

Aesthetically, the closest visual that I've seen of what I aspire to are the stores of Kiki de Montparnasse with boutique locations in New York, West Hollywood, and Las Vegas.  It is the epitome of class, style, and luxe decor.  Enjoy pics below of the beautiful space below and stay tuned as I continue to grow and press towards my vision that is ............... #DaintyDames.

*** UPDATE ***

Just as I published this blog post and was about to share it on Facebook, this photo is one of the first things I saw.  Most will see it as a picture of the beautiful Tracee Ellis Ross, but in her caption when she posted the pic, it reads "Good afternoon! #LastNight in Kiki de Montparnasse #BlackGirlsRock"

Talk about confirmation, and transparency . . . . . she's wearing the brand that I aspire to, she's a woman that I look up to, and she's African-American.  That last part, African-American is another integral part of my vision as I do not see many upscale AA owned lingerie salons.

WOW - talk about confirmation!

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