2015 Check In . . . . .

I first must apologize for the delayed post, but . . . . . it's all with good cause.  Although I haven't posted since the holiday, I've been busy at work on my new venture, in addition to planning for Elle of the Ball (but that's a later post).  Cue the music . . . . . . . introducing Dainty Dames Lingerie!  See, I told you it would be worth the wait.

If you remember, back in July I posted that I was in the process of selecting designs for my "new project" (link HERE) and although I did not launch it in the fall as originally planned, it's here now and I'm estatic!  Prior to drafting this post, I revisited my original post for last July just to see my progress from then until now and I'm proud to say that I remained true to my proclamation of hand selecting each piece to ensure this is a collection of prim, poised, luxurious, and most of all DAINTY designs".

For the initial debut, I selected 9 styles to include plus sizes, with themes of romance, royalty, and water.  Sizes will range from small to 4x to include bra/panty sets, chemises, bustiers, garters, and more!

Visit the site www.daintydameslingerie.com to shop online and follow on social media:

Instagram - @DaintyDames_
Twitter - @DaintyDames_

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