Oh give thanks . . . . for Atlanta Chic

Good Morning Everyone,

It's the morning of Thanksgiving Day and I'm oh so thankful for the many blessings and amazing people in my life.  This year has been a very trying year for my family with my father becoming severely ill, but God is good and we're all here and in good health.  Now on to these Thanksgiving festivities . . . . . I'm dressed (casually that is) and ready to eat and laugh.

Because of the insane amount of food that we'll be partaking in today, I decided to dress smart, or what my BFF and I refer to as Atlanta Chic, lol.  If I have any Atlanta followers, please don't take that as a dig because it's not.  You see, at one point I was attending so many shows and events, my BFF and I were joking that when all else fails, throw on a blazer, button up, fitted jean, heel, and statement bag and you have . . . . Atlanta Chic.

So on last evening, I took my daughter to a birthday party for her schoolmate and while waiting I ventured over to Nordstrom Rack (sounds like a set up - of course it is, lol).  It wasn't until I was about to leave before I noticed these amazing light grey suede pumps . . . . ON SALE.  Who doesn't love a sale and who doesn't love shoes . . . . . I know, I know, you're probably saying to yourself, this girl has bought at least 5 pairs of shoes this week alone (based on my Instagram posts) and you're right, I have, but I couldn't walk away from these, so there you have it!

Here's to a thankful day - today, tomorrow, and forever more!

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