Look Fab for Less

Happy Sunday!  I hope that each of you have enjoyed this beautiful (yet gloomy) day.  I picked today's look with one theme in mind . . . . NEONS.  I'm an avid lover of color and embrace all hues and shades, I just typically don't wear them all at once, lol.

I decided to be a bit daring and combine many of my favorite colors, shades, and fabrics.  In addition to wanting to showcase something a little different, I also wanted to pull off a look that would be easy on the pocketbook.

Before I get to the individual pieces that make up this look, let me first state, that I NEVER wear a complete look from one retailer.  It's always a combination of varying pieces and designs that give that extra oomph when creating a stellar look.  Having said that, here are the details of this ensemble that cost me approximately $50 out of pocket (yes, you read correct - approximately $50.00). . . . . . 

the essentials

1.  citrus lime chiffon collarless blazer - kmart $16.79 (link HERE)

2.  purple fitted tank - walmart $5.88 (link HERE)

3.  coral pleated maxi skirt - Papaya Clothing $20.99 (link HERE

4.  t-strap sandal - kmart $9.99 (link HERE)

add your own personal flare by accessorizing a unique pair of earrings, necklace, and clutch purse

5.  earrings - Elle VJ $14 (link HERE)

6.  necklace - Elle VJ $34 (link HERE)

7.  clutch - Frock Shop $28 (link HERE)

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  1. Let me find out I'm sleeping on K-Mart! These neons really pop agains your beautiful brown skin! Thanks for sharing. <3

    1. I was randomly looking around during my hunt for back to school items for my daughter and I stumbled across some great finds. I purchased a couple looks that I'll be sharing soon!

  2. Pulling an outfit together is always fun and especially when saving money.

  3. Love that blazer! Your style is amazing.

  4. LOVE the color combinations...and that bag! Great look all around!

  5. I love that you're not afraid to mix colors! Bold and beautiful!