Because I felt like it . . . . .

If you know me, then you know I'm an avid believer in dressing just because you want to, after all, that's essentially how my Elle of the Ball event came about, so today should be no different.  I did my normal Sunday morning routine and went to church, but afterwards, I was feeling a little spicy, so I decided to get dressed just because I felt like it.

This blue lace number is one of my favorite sexy looks, mainly because it gives an unexpected dose of sexxxy.  It appears to be all business in the front, but when you check out the back . . . . . . BAM.  

While I didn't have anywhere special to go in the look, that wasn't going to stop me from wearing it . . . . and you can too!  Shop this look online --------> HERE (and guess what, it's on super clearance for only $20 plus S&H). 

Macy's presents: Lifestyles of the Pink and Green

On yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Lifestyles of the Pink and Green at Macy's SouthPark as part of the AKA Boule 66th celebration here in Charlotte, NC (perks of being the Editor-in-Chief of Charlotte Street Style).  I must say that it was a splendid encounter to be a part of the pink and green mayhem that has overcome the city.

Because I'm partial to anything that involves dressing and up and being fancy, I decided to join in the color frenzy of pink and green and dress the part.  I went with a breezy look, a floral pink and green dress with a unique olive green shoe and Chanel inspired purse.  I bet you wouldn't believe that this entire look cost me less than $75 total!!!

On to the event itself.  With scenes ranging from all white, to pink and green, and the little black dress collection, Macy's presented an exquisite collection of looks down a pink runway to a packed house of AKA's and onlookers.  As an added bonus, many (and most) of the models were actual AKA's ranging from the Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, and New York areas.

The event was even filled with pampering throughout the store, in addition to some fabulous shopping!  Guests were able to enjoy free makeovers and manicures by the store staff and nail techs.


I'm an avid believer that growth brings about change, and change is an ever evolving concept.  Having said that, I initially opened Elle VJ in 2009 with the motto of "We DRESS women right" - the entire brand was centered on the retail focus of selling and styling women in stylish and chic dresses.  Fast forward 5 years as my dining room is currently filled with standing mannequins (who scare the Jesus out of me when I trek to the kitchen at night), boxes of luxury hangers, boxes of jewelry, racks, and retail items galore.  Before I discuss where I'm heading, I must say that Elle VJ is a huge part of my life, it's almost like my baby.  Yes, I closed the dress shop about 16 months ago, and rightfully so, as that chapter of the journey was complete, but I'm refreshed, renewed, and have so much in store for the future of Elle VJ!

For those of you that are new to the blog/shop/site, you may ask, what is Elle VJ?  Elle VJ is actually the derivative of my initials (LaVonndra Johnson) - essentially Elle VJ is me, personified and in the flesh.  As I venture into something new, the brand is evolving to be, both, fashion + lifestyle focused.  It's about how you carry yourself, what you wear, how you speak, the events that you attend, the people that you surround yourself with . . . . EVERYTHING!

After having said all of that . . . . what's the new product, I'm sure you're asking yourself (and me).

Introducing DAINTY DAMES by Elle VJ - a luxury lingerie collection with a Parisian flair and delicate touch!  Startled are you???  I'm sure there are some that wonder why I would launch a product such as this, but truth be told, it's something that I've always been into.  Growing up, my grandmother was always adamant about wearing proper (and pretty) undergarments and it stuck with me.  We all need, and wear them, so why not offer it to those ladies such as myself who want something beyond the commercialized 'big box' store offering, but something less raunchy as that of an "adult store".


Launching this fall, DAINTY DAMES by Elle VJ will fill a void, both in the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas (with national shipping available).  I'm hand selecting each piece to ensure this is a collection of prim, poised, luxurious, and most of all DAINTY designs.  I'm planning a launch/preview party in September and I'll be sure to keep you ladies posted on our panty parties and retail location when it become available.

Paris Fashion Week: Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2014-15 Haute Couture

07.07 - Across Time

The fashion fairies have descended and graced us with something magical, something whimsical, something absolutely extraordinary . . . . Christian Dior's Fall/Winter 2014-15 Haute Couture presentation during Paris Fashion Week.  This stunning collection appropriately titled, Across Time takes a look back and pulls inspiration as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries, particularly the embroidery on the coats.

“I was interested in the process of finding something extremely modern, through something very historical; particularly through a juxtaposition of different themes,”  - “The historical inspiration is not the justification of the collection, it isn’t its entire meaning. What I was attracted to was an idea of architectural construction – that is a very Dior attitude – and how the foundations of one era are based on another, how the future is based on the past; that is what I found fascinating.” Raf Simons, Artistic Director of Christian Dior

“I started to think ‘what is modern’? I wanted to deal with a form language that looks to be almost the opposite of my original inspiration at Dior,”  says Raf Simons. “It was an idea of confronting what people now think is an aesthetic that is modern – it felt more modern to go to the far past, not the ‘modernised ‘look of the last decade. The challenge was to bring the attitude of contemporary reality to something very historical; bringing easiness to something that could be perceived as theatrical. It is the attitude that matters.”