STYLE STORY: Spring Anticipation

I developed this look based around this beautiful Michaelangelo apricot iridescent maxi skirt, which I've had for several months, but never pulled it out of my closet (dumb me!). I spent all evening in my closet, while on the phone with my best friend, fishing for a top or blouse to pair with this unique skirt and just when I had given up, I discovered a tub of clothing out in my garage. You'd think that I would remember placing it there, but I don't, matter of fact, I found 2 tubs full of clothing that I'd forgotten about. Turns out, I discovered an eggplant iridescent peplum top that was a perfect match (or should I say perfect, once I matched it with my favorite gold sequins belt to add a little sparkle to the already existing shimmer). Granted it’s a Thursday, and I’m sure the onlookers where wondering why I was so dressed up at mid-day, but hey, that’s what this blog is about ..... like I always say, "the only way to dress, is UP".

photo: @donway_twitty


  1. Girl, you have the best eye for pieces and putting them together with such grace. Totally envious. I just don't see things like you do but when I see you rocking looks I love, I hop over to Pinterest and find outfits that I must work into my wardrobe.

  2. Great outfit! I love dressing up. The belt makes the outfit and those colors are beautiful on you.

  3. Just gorgeous!! I love the gold belt with those colors and the fit is so flattering. I would dress like that everyday if I could!