STYLE STORY: Strutting in Blue

What started as an infactuation with being fancy, years later, has evolved into a thriving business centered around fashion and style. Often times, I'm asked about my style influences, favorite colors, and key wardrobe pieces. To that I respond . . . it varies. My style is usually dependent on my mood for that day and how I feel, it's just that simple. Equipped with an Eva & Zoe Papeete Gray bootie/pump, I began rumaging through my closet (and tubs of clothing - don't judge me) for a sexy and sleek look. As you can see, based on my final wardrobe selection, that plan changed. While I knew the pumps were an absolute must, I deviated from the original look after I located this free flowing and oh-so colorful maxi skirt I picked up during a clearance sale, designer unknown. Considering the super high split in the middle, I opted to tone it down with a collared sheer blue blouse with black piping from Elle VJ (of course!). After pairing these findings, I absolutely fell in love with the combination. Now on to accessories, certainly didn't want anything that would overpower the look, so I opted for a pair of oval shaped bright yellow earrings. Extra you might think . . . of course it is! Is that not the point of dressing up, so that you can be noticed. YES! As I walked through the streets of downtown Rock Hill, I felt liberated as my skirt billowed creating a sea of watercolors anchored by the solid blue blouse. I guess you could say my overall mood for the day was that of the peek-a-boo game we all grew to learn and love during childhood. With the "peek" of a leg here and there, and the sexiness of a sheer blouse as I strutted through town, my overall mood was . . . . . I'm sexy and I know it (lol).  

photos: @gburkeimages


  1. That skirt is to die for. I love the colors and how it just flows are you move. Rock it sister!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, I love the colors as well. Such a fun skirt to wear!

  2. Wow, work it, girl! I love that color blue, and that skirt!!!

  3. That outfit looks amazing on you!! I have a shirt like that, but I've never known how to wear it. Thanks for the idea! :)

  4. Love that color!! You look great, girl!