Shopping with Elle (Kate Spade part two)

Part two of my style adventure at the new Kate Spade in SouthPark is all about black and white!  If you followed my last Shopping with Elle post I featured the beautiful Roset dress, but I failed (or should I say delayed) to show off the additional look I fell in love with . . . . the Hana dress (retails for $398)!

This simplistic black and white design features a cap sleeve and patch pockets in front with a straight design.  The beauty of this piece is it's simple, yet skillful design.  It's a colorblock, less the vivid bright colors . . . I LOVE IT!

This piece is currently hanging in my closet and I can't wait to wear it - that'll be another post, coming soon! 

In surfing additional colors I came across this fresh, yellow take on the Hana dress, and I love it too!

Normally, I post dressing room pics of me trying the garments for my Shopping with Elle posts, but somehow, I magically deleted the pic of me in this dress, so please check back soon for when I wear the dress out!  It'll be worth the wait, I promise!  And as always, here are my tips when shopping for looks:

Remember these key points when shopping:  Always, always, always wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.  You'll be changing multiple times and the easier it is to get out of your clothing (and put it back on) the more apt you'll be to enjoy the experience and try on more.  Secondly, my rule of thumb is to wear (or bring along) a pair of heels so that you can see the potential of the look when trying options.  Lastly, and as a former boutique owner, the store's will LOVE you for this, wear little to no makeup (I wear only a light gloss or lip balm when shopping).  Let's not stain or dirty the garments before we get them home, or even for the person after you should it not make the final cut. 

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  1. So true about always wearing the comfy shoes and clothes. My motto is .. wear clothes and shoes that are easy on and easy off, not only to make it easier but faster for the person behind you in line.