Shopping with Elle (Escada + Kate Spade)

Me being the shopping fiend that I am, once I get started I just can't stop!  I decided to venture into the world of luxury and check out the selection at Off Saks 5th Ave.  Immediately upon entering I bypassed the clearance racks and headed straight for some of my favorite designers, Celine, Chanel, St John, and Escada.  I didn't notice anything that stood out initally but I happened to stumble across this magnificent tweed and sequins Escada blazer and from there things took shape!

Escada Bikita Blazer - $1,390 Off Saks 5th Ave price (reg $3,475)

Just a rack or two over, I found a beautiful blouse and trousers that I knew would compliment the blazer without overshadowing it.  

 Escada Nessi Blouse - $290 Off Saks 5th Ave price

Escada Tzipora Trouser - $170 Off Saks 5th Ave price (reg $255)

With a sly grin on my face (because I know this look is going to be stellar) I head towards the fitting room and just before entering, I notice a rack of clearance shoes (whoo hoo!) . . . . . Kate Spade at that!  I stopped dead in my tracks and located my size - they're a vibrant blue and nude with an accent bow.  

Kate Spade Melinda Too Bow Wedge - $167.99 Off Saks 5th Ave price

Because of the muted colors in the garments, the shoes really bring the look to life.  I absolutely love and adore this look.  It's perfect for a stylish day at the office or a business meeting with potential clients.  And to top it all off, my fashion friends at Off Saks 5th Ave gifted me with a discount card (in addition to the 25% off sale they're having).  BINGO

Please keep in mind that this is the original fit of the garments as sold from the store.  I always recommend having your garments tailored to fit your body proportions.  As an example of this, notice how the pants fit me a little large in the above photos.  I have to buy 1 size up in most trousers because I'm hippie (in other words, baby got back) - that means, they fit in the hip but are too large in the waist.  I then have the waist taken in and the pant legs shortened as I'm only 5'4.  The final result will be a perfectly tailored look!


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    1. Thanks Jamie - I absolutely love it as well. The shoes are a great pop of color!

  2. I could NOT figure how how all of this was going to look together, then wow!

  3. This is an amazing look. It gives me great ideas.