Shopping with Elle (Cynthia Rowley Casual + Chic)

On a random stroll through Belk's, I was intrigued by the chic display for renowned designer, Cynthia Rowley.  I must admit, that until today, I've only admired her designs online or on others, but wasn't sure if there was anything for me and my personal style.  Boy was I wrong.  The new spring collection that's currently in stores is feminine, flirty, and actually quite southern if I do say so.  Varying floral prints, and bright blues and greens make for one fascinating collection full of splendor and delight.

Let's head to the dressing room for a little fun and lots of style.  I pulled 3 looks comprised of printed shorts and top, a classic fitted pant, a dainty blouse with a mint collar, and a blue cardigan.

Another great thing about this line is that it's true to size.  I'm a solid 10 and her pieces fit me great (with the exception of the shorts, I had to size up because I'm hippie - aka, baby got back! lol).

Look 1:  Cynthia Rowley Stripeover Prima Floral Navy Top $79 + Floral Print Scallop Yellow Short $69

Look 2:  Cynthia Rowley Stripeover Prima Floral Navy Top $79 + White Essentials Trouser $69

View more of the Cynthia Rowley collection available at Belk's ....... HERE.

**please forgive the quality of the photos as lighting conditions were not optimal in the dressing quarters**

Remember these key points when shopping:  Always, always, always wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing.  You'll be changing multiple times and the easier it is to get out of your clothing (and put it back on) the more apt you'll be to enjoy the experience and try on more.  Secondly, my rule of thumb is to wear a pair of heels so that you can see the potential of the look when trying options.  Lastly, and as a former boutique owner, the store's will LOVE you for this, wear little to no makeup (I wear only a light gloss or lip balm when shopping).  Let's not stain or dirty the garments before we get them home, or even for the person after you should it not make the final cut.

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