STYLE STORY: Peachy Queen

I believe that there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a little extra at times.  Well, this would be one of those times, lol.  For a few years now, I've had this beautiful Parisian peach coat with fur details on the collar and sleeves that I got from Paris.  Because it's a show stopper, I intentionally hadn't worn it out in hopes of landing the perfect attire to compliment it.  It wasn't until recently, as in a few days ago, that I was able to pair it perfectly for a themed shoot I like to call Peachy Queen.  I all honesty, I probably could have paired a look with this beauty quite some time ago, but for whatever reason I didn't.  I think the wait was definitely worth my while - the purple/orange/black snake print I choose worked out wonderfully.  Not to mention the purple and orange snake skin shoes that completely set the look off.  Extra - YES, show stopping - YES, made you look - of course I did, lol.

photo: @donway_twitty

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