Tweed All About It

Welp, Christmas is next week and I must be truthful and honest and admit that I'm ready for it to come and go!  I've been shopping non-stop since October and I'd never think that I'd be tired of shopping, but I am.  Having said that, I took a pause from shopping and holiday plans on last Friday to attend the Southside Sisters Brunch at a private residence in Ballantyne.

I went with a Chanel inspired look featuring tweeds, a coral quilted pattern purse, and of course a pointed toe nude heel (my new favorite shoe by the Kardashian Kollection).

I added a beige scarf with matching gloves to accent the look, in addition to trying to stay warm.  This pale yellow tweed skirt is so intricately designed - I absolutely LOVE it!

photos: Darius Evans for DME Imagery (

Minty Fresh . . . . . . .

The temps are warmer today than they've been in a several days, so I thought I'd take advantage and wear this mint blazer I've had since early spring!  It's made by Nine West and I simply adore it.  The hue is so vivid and bold and it pairs perfectly with my new mint Luichiny pumps that I recently purchased!

I originally thought to do a holiday inspired post, but . . . . . I really dislike the color red, I think it only appears once throughout the blog, and I only wore it then for the boyfriend.  Nevertheless, I decided to capture these images in front of one of my favorite stores, Talbots, which features beautiful red doors as their signature (I hope they don't mind - lol).

I'm a southern girl at heart and make no excuses for it, so I paired this beautiful mint blazer with these custom ivory tuxedo pants that feature mini pearl piping.  They are absolutely to die for and add such a feminine touch!

Just another look at these AMAZING Luichiny pumps . . . . . they're Louboutin inspired without the price tag, so I couldn't resist.  I absolutely LOVE color, patent shoes, and pointed toes so it was a no brainer.

To top things off . . . . . . this polka dot Map to Mars crop top by Aeropostale gave texture to the look and added a little edge.  On sale for less than $5 it's a great example of mixing higher end pieces with those inexpensive items to create a stellar and unique look!

Oh give thanks . . . . for Atlanta Chic

Good Morning Everyone,

It's the morning of Thanksgiving Day and I'm oh so thankful for the many blessings and amazing people in my life.  This year has been a very trying year for my family with my father becoming severely ill, but God is good and we're all here and in good health.  Now on to these Thanksgiving festivities . . . . . I'm dressed (casually that is) and ready to eat and laugh.

Because of the insane amount of food that we'll be partaking in today, I decided to dress smart, or what my BFF and I refer to as Atlanta Chic, lol.  If I have any Atlanta followers, please don't take that as a dig because it's not.  You see, at one point I was attending so many shows and events, my BFF and I were joking that when all else fails, throw on a blazer, button up, fitted jean, heel, and statement bag and you have . . . . Atlanta Chic.

So on last evening, I took my daughter to a birthday party for her schoolmate and while waiting I ventured over to Nordstrom Rack (sounds like a set up - of course it is, lol).  It wasn't until I was about to leave before I noticed these amazing light grey suede pumps . . . . ON SALE.  Who doesn't love a sale and who doesn't love shoes . . . . . I know, I know, you're probably saying to yourself, this girl has bought at least 5 pairs of shoes this week alone (based on my Instagram posts) and you're right, I have, but I couldn't walk away from these, so there you have it!

Here's to a thankful day - today, tomorrow, and forever more!

Strutting Through The City

I've had this purple cape style dress for a couple weeks and had anticipation of wearing it at some point during the summer, but that never happened (yikes).  So before it gets too cold, I decided to go for a strut through the city.  Yes, you read it right, with nowhere in particular to go, I got dressed up and enjoyed a day out in uptown Charlotte.

With the emergence of cape style dresses, coats, and dresses, I jumped right in with this figure hugging beauty paired with my favorite Chanel inspired purse, and Manolo Blahnik inspired pumps.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to shop this featured dress HERE!


Dress Available: HERE

photos: @gburkeimages

Chic in the City

It's been extremely cold here in the Queen City the last couple of days due to the winter storms happening elsewhere, and while I love the fall/winter seasons, the change in temperature has been quite drastic.  Just last week, I was content in wearing my light jackets and strutting around bare legged (as my grandmother would say, lol).  Nevertheless, it's cold and we're bearing these winter temps in style!

This look is what I like to call Chic in the City.  A stylish approach to the oh-so-classic black and white concept.  This look was somewhat predetermined by external forces, as I had to submit a look for a street style feature for a major publication (fingers crossed), and it required this color combo.  It's the perfect wintry mix of class, style, and chic city life!  Enjoy and shop the look below.

photos: @gburkeimages 


Pretty in Pink

Me, the girly girl . . . . not really, but I couldn't resist this look I like to call "Pretty in Pink".  It was a beautiful day here in the Queen City with temperatures upwards of 80 degrees so today was the perfect day to sport this look.

While I've never purchased from Lilly Pulitzer before, I am a fan of her colorful and feminine designs - it's very much so the sorority girl look and I kinda like it . . . . . better yet, I love it!  I pulled inspiration from the flirty brand for today's look and paired it with classic neutrals.

Loving my new watch and Ralph Lauren handbag gifted to me from Macy's for my birthday!  Time is always of the essence in my world.  I juggle my personal brand + 2 street style blogs (Charlotte Street Style and Charleston Street Style).

Coat: Lilly Pulitzer (similar)
Top: Talbot's
Skirt: Anne Klein
Necklace: Elle VJ
Watch: Macy's
Handbag: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Off Broadway Shoes

Let's Celebrate

It's been quite some time since I've updated my blog, but life has been keeping me busy these days.  Having said that, I couldn't go without sharing my birthday look.  For my 34th birthday last Tuesday (10.14.80), I decided to step outside of the box and wear a color that isn't necessarily a favorite of mine . . . . RED.  While it's a striking color, red is very difficult to pull off in my opinion . . . . for most people.  It's a color that commands attention and when worn, must be executed properly.

Shop the dress - HERE

I'll be completely honest and admit that I wore it more so for my date than for myself.  I wanted to wow him and show off a little, lol.  Red is his favorite color (as is my dad's and my best friend, who happens to be male) - must be a guy thing.  Nevertheless, I scoured the local boutiques and specialty shops for the perfect dress for several weeks before coming across this sexy number.  You'll never guess where it comes from . . . . . . my boutique, Elle VJ (lol).  It was a new arrival that came in just a few days before my birthday and I fell in love with it.  The fabric is soft, yet not flimsy.  It's fitted, but not Spanx tight.  Needless to say, I think my date loved the look and I loved my gift from him even more.  I'll give you a hint . . . . . it came from Kate Spade, my favorite fashion brand ever, gotta love him for that!

The look will be added to the site and available for purchase this week - buy it HERE!

photos: Donald Wilson (

Outfit Details
earrings: Elle VJ
necklace: borrowed from my daughter
watch: Macy's
dress: Elle VJ
purse: Ralph Lauren
shoes: I shop so much, I honestly can't remember, lol

Birthday Blues . . . . . I think NOT!

So my 34th birthday is in approximately 3 weeks (October 14th) and although I haven't a clue of what I'm doing to celebrate it, what I do know is that it's another occasion for me to get dressed!!!

I'll be in Charleston, SC the weekend of the 11-12th hosting my brunch series at the Francis Marion Hotel, and I've been scouring the stores and online shops for wardrobe and gift ideas (yes, I buy for myself, even on my birthday) and I decided on this red hot dress!!!  Just to be dramatic, I won't reveal anything else pertaining to the dress or wardrobe details, but please do stay tuned . . . . .


1st Sunday Brunch at The Dunhill Hotel

Today marked another installment of 1st Sunday Brunch and I have to be the first to say (with a smile) that these events are getting better and better.  Today's brunch was by far the best to date.  The venue and food were great, the attendees were dressed impeccably, but most of all, the fellowship was amazing.

Our venue this month, was the historic Dunhill Hotel, located in uptown Charlotte.  The ambiance and decor were consistent with our brunch theme and the food was amazing.  I'm so excited that 1st Sunday Brunch is growing each month, and we're increasing the numbers of our male attendees!  It's always been fairly easy to pull in the ladies, but the men are showing up and showing out with their southern style.

Look Fab for Less

Happy Sunday!  I hope that each of you have enjoyed this beautiful (yet gloomy) day.  I picked today's look with one theme in mind . . . . NEONS.  I'm an avid lover of color and embrace all hues and shades, I just typically don't wear them all at once, lol.

I decided to be a bit daring and combine many of my favorite colors, shades, and fabrics.  In addition to wanting to showcase something a little different, I also wanted to pull off a look that would be easy on the pocketbook.

Before I get to the individual pieces that make up this look, let me first state, that I NEVER wear a complete look from one retailer.  It's always a combination of varying pieces and designs that give that extra oomph when creating a stellar look.  Having said that, here are the details of this ensemble that cost me approximately $50 out of pocket (yes, you read correct - approximately $50.00). . . . . . 

the essentials

1.  citrus lime chiffon collarless blazer - kmart $16.79 (link HERE)

2.  purple fitted tank - walmart $5.88 (link HERE)

3.  coral pleated maxi skirt - Papaya Clothing $20.99 (link HERE

4.  t-strap sandal - kmart $9.99 (link HERE)

add your own personal flare by accessorizing a unique pair of earrings, necklace, and clutch purse

5.  earrings - Elle VJ $14 (link HERE)

6.  necklace - Elle VJ $34 (link HERE)

7.  clutch - Frock Shop $28 (link HERE)

SAVE THE DATE:  September 7th for 1st Sunday Brunch at the Dunhill Hotel.  RSVP today as we are limited to 50 guests!

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Grecian Goddess

Happy Monday everyone - I hope that each of you had an eventful and stylish weekend . . . . I sure did.  The BFF, Rashon Carraway, hosted an all white dinner party on Saturday evening, so of course I was in attendance (assisting with co-hosting duties), and I must say that the event went off without a hitch (with the exception of the fire alarm).

The theme was all white, with an accent of gold here and there.  I'll be the first to publicly state, this was the most beautiful dinner, attended by some of the most beautiful and stylish people throughout the Carolina's.  

For my look, I decided on a one-shoulder Grecian inspired look, that I've had for several years and never worn.  It was actually a dress that I carried in my boutique by Alexia Designs that I stored in my garage when I closed my physical store.

Hope you enjoy!

photos: @donway_twitty | more photos: click HERE

The next social event will be 1st Sunday Brunch on September 7th at the Dunhill Hotel.  RSVP today as we are limited to only 50 guests!

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