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Elevate Your Brand Webinar

Can you believe the year is half way over?  I absolutely can not.  With the second half of the year rolling along, how many of you have accessed those vision boards and goals for 2018 to only realize you haven't made as much progress as you would have liked to?  Before you beat yourself up, let's get an action plan into play that will position you for greater success!

My Journey to Greatness

I wanted to  take a moment and pen a letter to all of my family, friends, and supporters, as many of you have been worried and praying, even when you didn't know exactly what you were praying for (and I appreciate that greatly).  Needless to say, the last 3 months have been a whirlwind for me (and my immediate family).  For those that know me intimately, I'm very private by nature when it comes to my personal life, but I've received so many messages, posts, and comments from so many people, I want to be transparent.


Guess who's back . . . . . . back blogging that is.  I'm so excited to return to my blog and share with you guys everything; from my style, to business concepts and ideas, to life and love (now that should be interesting).  For the last  year I've dedicated myself to getting my Elle Johnson Co. skincare brand launched, and now that I've done that and have a handle on the business, my blog is back; new and improved.

A Beautéful Life Brunch Series - CLT

Ladies, it's about that time! I'm hosting a series of brunch events and the first date is set for Sunday, June 24th here in Charlotte!  Join Elle Johnson Co. + friends for A Beautéful Life Brunch Series with date in Charlotte, the Triad, Raleigh, and Columbia, SC.  

QCM Relaunch - Fall '18

I'm so excited to relaunch my print publication Queen City Magazine this fall and can’t wait to share our progress with you as we relaunch Fall '18!

Elle Johnson Co.

Ladies, there are a few things in life you absolutely cannot be cheap about . . . . your skin, your hair, and your shoes!  I'm super (duper) excited about my botanical based luxury skincare line, Elle Johnson Co., and encourage you to visit the site and check out the product line up!